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for customers living in Surinam

Information for customers living in Surinam with friends / relatives in the Netherlands

Caleb's Giftshop offers you a unique service to treat your relatives / friends who live in the Netherlands with gifts for several occasions like birthdays, marriage, birth, etc.

You start with making your account in our shop, by clicking the login at the top of your screen, with your credentials in Suriname. Next you make (delivery-)addresses in the Netherlands for your friends or family under your account for delivery purposes.

Because the giftshop is located in the Netherlands you safe enormously on shippingcosts and you know for sure your package will arrive in time with your beloved ones.

Because payment in Surinam dollars is too expensive and the exchange rates vary too frequently we can only offer our gifts priced in Euro's. Payment can be provided in different ways: 

  • By PayPal you can make payments easily - if you have a mayor credit card - and safely. Payed with PayPal we can ship your package almost the same day.
  • If you have a bankaccount in the Netherlands with ABN, Rabo, ING, Postbank, SNS or Fortis than you can use the iDeal payment-option. This is far out the easiest and safest way of payment through the internet banking method you are used to. The package will be shipped immediately.
  • As last method there is the money transfer option from Surinam to the Netherlands, but you have to count in extra banking costs plus a processing period of app. 5 workingdays.

We are investigating the possibillity for Caleb's Giftshop to open up a bank account in Surinam to make payment easier for Surinam inhabitants, in a safe and cheaper manner. Check out this page regularly to look for updates.
As soon as we have succeeded in this we will notify our Surinam customers who have an account in our shop by e-mail.

Gift certificates
Of course it can be hard to decide on the best gift for someone if you are living far from them. To help you with this we offer the alternative of a Gift Certificate to you. Gift Certificates are a shopping credit in Caleb's Giftshop you can email - with your own personal greetings and wishes - to your beloved ones.
We offer Gift Certificates in several values, fitting every budget. More information you can find in our Gift Certificate FAQ in the Information-box on the right.

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